Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Broadcast Notes

1. Fans of 94.7 FM, the Zone, were decimated yesterday when their nouveau-metal home morphed into an oldies station _ a change as shocking as the earlier capitulation of Oldies 104 for soulless Jack FM. This now gives Chicagoland listeners TWO oldies outlets, as the new 94.7 joins stalwart AM 1690. After listening to the candied-up FM offering, I advise "real" Oldies fans to stick to the AM band. 1690 is almost entirely pre-Beatles and Stones. A welcome respite.

2. WLUP 97.9 FM has resurrected the classic dancing fat guy TV commercial from its old AM arm's glory days (read Early Jordan Years). If you don't know what this commercial is/was, go back to whatever backwater burgh you came from. Just kidding! I love you people! Tune in next week for more notes.

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