Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lend a Hand, Take a Stand

Reading back yesterday's post... I promise you reader, I will not use this space to give myself backhanded compliments and secretly trumpet my own personal wealth. I was not bragging about my TV last night. It's a more of an albatross... or maybe a large egret.

What I mean is... "So, I, like, just bought this Blackburry..." Well, welcome to the adult race. We're happy for you. All those years of punk rock ideals out the window. Congratulations for giving in to the great TechnoSatan. You're a big person now.

A saucy post... sounds a bit like my younger self. You might remember my younger self. He was last seen at Home of the Hits looking for Mahavishnu Orchestra LPs. Come back! We miss you!

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