Friday, March 28, 2008

The call of summer

Fantasy baseball. It's an addiction. I tell myself there are worst things to get hooked on, then I realize I've signed up for two ultracompetitive leagues, one with 10x10 stats. Maybe I should go back to morphine.

All kidding aside: In the process of pulling my medulla this past weekend (writer's injury), I let Yahoo!'s auto-picker select both of my teams -- a first. And you know what? It did a pretty damn good job. Almost makes me feel like the past years of TSN guide research and elaborate pre-ranked lists were useless. ... Well, I shouldn't say that. I netted the '06 championship and won the '07 pennant, playing a competitive Fantasy Series down to the wire.

I'm a better waiver wire jockey, anyway. Hey, WoundUp reader: Here's to a knockout 2008 season and another October appearance for the Cubs. And for you fantasy players: Here's hoping Aubrey Huff, Joe Borowski or Jake Westbrook don't grace your roster. We've all been there.