Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Four day weekend! Yes, I'm coming off a four-day weekend. The new apartment is wonderful, and we christened it with our first guest last night _ who was our first guest at the old 1228 house, if I remember correctly _ a certain J. Stockton. Erika and I ripped open the book boxes and put our favorites in the beautiful glass hutch in the dining room.

Our place is coming together wonderfully. Next steps include getting new furniture and tearing up the carpet. We love the neighborhood, the shops, the proximity, everything. There's an enclosed back porch on which I've constructed a makeshift writing desk of milk crates and a cardboard box. So far it's worked wonders.

A house-warming is in the mix, though I don't have an exact date. Maybe we can get it to coincide with the next Diamond Nights show. I applaud those stolid men of metal who broke free from the prison of hyphenated web addresses. See here. You've probably noticed Woundup has a hyphenated web address. That's because this guy got here first. Hey buddy. UPDATE.

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