Thursday, September 08, 2005

Self-Pity, Self-Help, Self-Serve Buffet

Phewff... It's been one of those days. My morning commute _ once like riding on an air conditioned cloud _ has turned into a elbowing match with Chicago's young and ambitious. Funny how an extra .5 miles can alter your reality (and mood) infinitesimally.

And, of course, I forgot my own mother's birthday, so I had to call her from work. She turned 60 yesterday and none of her three sons phoned to wish her well.

I am trying to laugh. If I've learned anything from my years on the couch, it's that I can choose how to react to occurences in my life. So, I choose not to be upset. I choose to comfort those I love, support them and listen to them. I choose to continue my creative work despite self-doubt. And all the rest I blow out my nose.

Later, Erika and I will fight traffic out to Barrington to attend a wedding rehearsal for a couple everyone is predicting will divorce in two years. I hope at least the dinner's good.

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