Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Crystal Purity

Three points...

1. I'm drinking the first of my six Naleczowianka waters _ a sparkling mineral water from Poland. $5 for the whole pack. It's a peculiar bottle _ 1.5 liters _ and it's narrow in the middle, the plastic pinched to form a handle with tight grooves to facilitate grip. It makes the bottle look like the ship from "2001." There's a more traditional, bottom part on which the label is affixed. The top part, above the grip handle, balloons out and up to the nozzle. This top, bulbous region makes a little lake of bubbly sparkling water with the ridged plastic of the grip area forming a sloping floor like tiny, underwater sand dunes. It reminds of the last sequence of "Heavy Metal," where that woman with the sword is swimming in the underground pool in front of that giant statue. Now I can imagine a little person or maybe a little boat floating in the upper, bulbous part of my Naleczowianka bottle, and that makes it all the more enjoyable to drink.

2. I was thinking about buying the six pack of water all day.

3. I am one of those irritating people who soils my conversation in the real world with content from my blog. Wait... In this case, it's the reverse. In this case, I am one of those irritating people who uses dull material from my own life to populate my blog. One of my friends will read this and think, "Christ. He's still talking about the fucking water." Guilty.

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