Thursday, December 29, 2005

Rosenberg Eats Quiche at the Modern's Cafe, Pass It On

I got down to business last night, had a couple beers, and hit the couch afterward for some well-deserved PBS. As luck would have it, I caught most of the new American art documentary _ another rundown of 20th century icons. It was mesmerizing to see film of Duchamp and De Kooning (New York residents), along with Rauschenberg and Warhol working _ you never see footage of Warhol actually WORKING.

As an introduction, it was very compelling _ though I'm sure those involved would agree such a distillation is too simplistic. I don't mean to criticize PBS. Their documentaries can serve as tremendous jumping-off points. I was moved to discover modern theater after seeing "Changing Stages" back in 2000. What these kind of programs need are suggested reading lists. I know I could use the help in catching up on my Clement Greenberg.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Personal Touching

Oh my... I just... I don't know what to say. I've never... had someone give me something like this.

My statcounter company sent me a fruit basket _ for the holidays. I'm... I'm touched. It came with a little note:

"Happy holidays from StatTek. Hope the New Year finds you in good health and fortune. Thank you for using StatTek TrakkerTek 5.0. Look for new add-ons in 2006, including the Electric-Shock-Thru-the-Keyboard FunGram. Send your friends a special message that says, 'I care!'
P.S. There is no microscopic camera in this fruit basket."

I'm putting it right on my desk here. There. Very nice.

Is something humming?

The Terrible, Blinding Dawn

I survived. I survived Monday. I also survived Christmas, but that was enjoyable. We saw my parents, Erika's father's and mother's sides. Food, wine, laughter... I like it more every year. Her family(ies) treat me very well, in spite of my strange appearance and behavior.

I missed being with my two brothers for the holidays. I wish I could be more of a part of their lives. But somewhere, I know, they were hoisting a Molson Canadian for me.

Man, this WeBLoG is flopping around in the water looking for some direction. Looks like I'm waiting till the New Year to refocus. I hate that: People who give up on life sometime in early December and wait till the New Year for the promise of inspiration. Yes, I am one of these people _ at least on a couple fronts. It's the procrastinator's national holiday, New Year's. Or maybe it's not. Maybe this week is the procrastinator's national holiday. New Year's is the terrible, blinding dawn.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Stocking Stufferz

Here's a little holiday present for you, new reader. Please enjoy the old archive (look under "older"), the webdiary Parrot Talk called "... groundbreaking..."

Church of the Thom McCann Gift Certificate

I wish I had taken off more time for the holidays. Well, you'll have to accept this short message in the meantime. Happy holidays to all Woundup readers. I hope things are safe and relaxing for you. Erika and I will make the family rounds starting tonight when we take the Donahues to our favorite little Indian hideaway.

What else can I say? Be good to yourself. See you next week.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Good Vibes Superhighway/Eastern Fronting

Well, well... thank you to Jessica for mentioning this space. I am a fan of her WeBLoG _ a look into the life and mind of Chicago's premier freelance writer. Visit now!

In other good news, the holiday shopping plan is starting to take shape. I dub it "The Winter Counteroffensive" in the spirit of my Russian ancestors. In the spirit of my German ancestors I also dub it "Fritz, Send Me a Winter Coat So I Can Fight the Communists, Bitte." How about that for internal conflict?

Friday, December 16, 2005

Connectivity and Good Vibes

I would like to thank J.R. for linking this site to his. I urge all of you chaps to check out his wonderful WeBLoG. I greatly look forward to reading it each day. As soon as tech services gets back from their annual convention (WeBLoG and Auto Loom Workers United Local 283) in Las Vegas, we'll have our own links section up and running.

J.R. and Marie work in one of these progressive offices where you can drink at your desk. Woundup employees are forced to drink in the service elevator. There's a shot glass set in the emergency phone box. Give 'em a good wipe after you're done.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Clock is Ticking

The question is not WHEN will the New York transit strike begin, but WHEN will the first transit strike-related blog begin. You've still got a shot at the big time...

Beats the Giordano's in Schiller Park

Holiday time, holiday party. The Woundup holiday party is scheduled for next Tuesday, Dec. 20. Because of, ahem, budget constraints (you might remember last year's festivities were cancelled), CEO Tom Blister has granted exclusive sponsorship rights for the holiday party to Anatole France Beaujolais Nouveau...

Come Celebrate the Holidays with the Woundup Corp. Family...
5:30 - 7 p.m.
at the Kinzie Chophouse, 400 N. Wells
One spouse/partner is permitted per employee. The coat check will be closed for this event.
Music provided by DJ Student Loan Pay Stub _ yes, that's our very own Frankie Fitzpatrick from tech services.
And, as always, the annual Content vs. Sales sock volleyball game.
Cash bar till 6:30. Pay parking lot next to the Chophouse. WARNING: Wells is a snow route, you cannot park on Wells after 5 p.m.
We hope to see you there! Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Can I Hire You to Curate My Student Loan Payment Stubs?

Speaking of self-promotion:

Did Michael Azzerad's indie rock book ruin anyone else's positive mental image of Sonic Youth? I don't think I'll listen to a Youth album for at least 25 years now _ though the idea of Lee Renaldo getting in someone's face at a party about a bad review is kind of funny. (MAY NOT BE FACTUALLY ACCURATE) "Hey, man... Why can't you just be... cool?"

It makes my hair turn gray _ like the way "curate" has become a common verb in some circles. The only person allowed to curate anything, in my book, is the director of the British National Museum... but of course, my book never made it to a second printing.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

No More Seconds on Dinner Rolls

Cutting out those between-meal snacks has made a difference in stemming the fleshy flood of my waistline. Those of you familiar might find my over-weight surprising _ but my wife knows the difference.

I was once a trim young man when I hung out at the Cedar Tavern. But somewhere between my first treatise on the bourgeois nature of impasto and the pay line at the Thompson Center DMV, I gained a few pounds. Thanks to my dedicated mate, the YMCA and my own self resolve, I've come a shade closer to my 31x32 jeans from that summer of interning at the Walter Gropius Homesite.

That's all I'm sharing today. This is the automated webpost where I DON'T tell you what I'm working on. It's none of your business. Refreshing? I hope to market my line of non-self-promotional WeBLoGS by Feb. 2006.

Friday, December 09, 2005

From Out the Gloom... Parking.

I walked home from the Loop yesterday in the snow _ Madison & Wacker to Walton & Oakley. Traffic was frozen _ it took me 1.25 hours to get home _ it would've been twice that by taxi/bus. I was soaked when I arrived, and my legs burned, but I felt I had accomplished something. The experience was cathartic, I think. It got my brain working, and I might've figured something important out. We'll see on that one.

They just retired Scottie Pippen's number. I do feel bad for him. He'll always have that one guy ahead of him, and we'll always think of it that way. I suppose it'll be written down that way, too. Perhaps it's a valuable lesson for us mortals that there's always someone better than you at what you do. That's a rather depressing lesson, I suppose. That is, if you count what you do as the most important aspect of your being. There are other aspects, but you'll never see them honored in the same fashion.

What does it matter when we're all going to the same place? Ha. I had you going there. Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Makings of a Night Off

I'm 15 minutes away from leaving the Woundup offices here on W. Hubbard St. _ the "Magnesium Mile." Outside, a robust snow storm _ not by Buffalo standards _ but tough enough for old Chicago. What method of escape will I choose? Public transportation or taxi?

Either way, it will inspire a spirited recounting _ if just for tonight, and if just for a few seconds ("Woooo... It is BAD out there!"). All I want to find is my beautiful wife, a bottle of wine and some DVDs on the other end. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Giving My Country Second... Best Crabcakes, 2005 Baltimore Arts Weekly

This has turned into a once-a-week WeBLoG. What happened? Am I... too busy on the job? A little bit, lately, but I'm never too busy. Have I... run out of ideas? It's something to consider. Or, am I... working on more important things? Well, that's a convenient excuse, and it makes me sound a helluva lot more important.

The no. 1 topic for WeBLoGers seems to be why they haven't been updating. Perfect fodder for an opera, says I (us)...

[Der Weltenschtammerer (The Blog Procrastinator)
Torvan, a young office worker, ticks away his days at his desk. Comes home and smokes weed, drinks Stella Artois and watches Comedy Central. He occasionally leaves his one-room apartment to meet friends for sushi or art openings. He enjoys reading modern magazines and taking trips to Mexico when his vacation days roll over. He rarely updates his blog.]

A waste of time? Sorry, but the libretto's already written. See you at the Civic Center.