Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Beer Roulette & Theoretical Parking

Had a wonderful evening witnessing Diamond Nights at the (soon-to-be-good-riddance) Bottom Lounge. They were tops, as usual. Check 'em out if you haven't already.

I started playing "Beer Roulette" _ a game popular with myself, acted out in bars that organize their brew choices along a shelf like a police lineup. The results can be devastating, and though I mostly kept my composure last night, I felt sodden when our party arrived at Estelle's. Hanging desperately to the last rags of my self-control, I did not enter _ choosing instead to look through the window at the throng of dark, moving shapes.

Tim and I had veggie burgers at the underground hot dog stand. It was great to see him. I wish I could live there again, or they could live here, or we could all in live in an amalgam city with the best features of both. Hmmm.... NewChiYorkago. Can you imagine permit parking in the East Village? Alternating, street cleaner parking in Wrigleyville? Yes, it always comes down to parking...

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