Friday, February 23, 2007

Stumbling, Bumbling

Now this is more like it: a classic fuzzy Woundup post. We went to the sushi hut last night, where they whip their employees. Didn't see any whipping, but I toasted a couple of sakes to the westward development of dog salons down Division. Those dogs ate better than any of us did last night--and that includes the visiting Yamaha executives.

Add to that a couple brewtas at the ol' Darkroom and...Yes, here I am, back in the pressurized cabin. The co-pilot took the day off for the high holiday. The only substance in my body: Pepsi.

I have become an angry driver in Chicago and may have to be driven around like Keith Moon soon. I don't know how this happened to me. Erika's going to buy a straight jacket this weekend at the Hal Markofsky estate sale. It's hard to get that 1950's Bellevue quality anymore.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

I Was in Line at the DMV...

I woke up after 6 a.m. and forced myself back to sleep, albeit pleasantly. I then had a dream I took Erika and Tim to visit Williamsville East High School--hated rival of my alma mater, Williamsville South. We drove down a tree-lined suburban street and pulled into East's parking lot. Then it jumped to a foyer in the school where someone was taking ID cards. I woke up shortly thereafter.

Does this mean anything? Probably not, but it's the freshest, most vivid thing in my mind this morning. I remember reading "The Adding Machine," in which William Burroughs said he got most of his story ideas from dreams. I've never tried it. I briefly kept a dream log about four years ago, and haven't thought much of it since.

June 2007 marks the five-year anniversary of my freedom from mental medication, which I had used for six years. I only mention this because mental medication all but eradicated my dream life during the time I took it. I never had very vivid dreams when I was younger, anyway, and that trend has continued as my dreams have returned. Regardless, I'm glad they're back and taking me to exciting places--like suburban Buffalo.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

King Catch-up

They let us out early today due to the weather. That would've never happened at the old Cracker Factory. I hopped a cab, avoided a nasty snarl near the Ontario on-ramp and found myself at home by 2:15. I lit a cigar, poured a glass of sherry and put my feet up on the ottoman. Well, those last three were fictitious, but I felt that way inside.

It's fun to get a little snowed in. I keep reminding myself how much more intense the Upstate New York snow of my younger years was. A foot was nothing to Buffalo or Syracuse. It really takes a knockout, like the recent one near Watertown, to upset the locals.

A little wine, a little "Sanford and Son"... I hope you're in a warm place tonight, Woundup reader. Talk to you soon.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pro Bowl

Wow, that might be the longest gap between posts in Woundup history. But don't worry. After a period of re-adjustment, Woundup is now back to begin content generation on a regular basis.

I look forward to more posts... what's that? You want a real post, not one of these "See you next time" deals? Oh...

Wow, there was a product placement for Smooking Loon wines in "A Scanner Darkly." That takes some balls. Almost as ballsy as the FTD Florist spot in "Apocalypse Now."