Monday, September 19, 2005

SunBox + Sun Times =

More thoughts...

1. We now have a big living room with a big TV. No, it's not my idea of the American dream _ and it's definitely not Erika's. Frankly, I'm embarrased to have this fucking hulk of plastic. But, shit, does football look good on it. I'm watching the early Monday night game _ Giants vs. Saints. I can see the sweat between Eli Manning's eyebrows. I don't think I could handle HD at this proximity. It would kill me.

2. Speaking of technology... many of my friends and associates have these powerful little laptop computers. Wouldn't it be nice if I could sit in my big living room, in front of my big, pagan idol TV and write, say, something light like this? I will deny "blog" is a verb till they send the paddy wagon for me _ and don't think it won't happen.

3. I've been vegetarian since July 1st-ish, and lately I've felt the longing... It happens in short, intense flashes _ for the worst meat possible. The bus stops in front of Burger King. Triple-decker angus beefburger _ known in the medical community as "the college funder." Oh man. The smell of meat met my nostrils last night at the local church fair. I could hear the sizzling juices. My mind raced: Ribs. BBQ sauce. Shrimp cocktail. Spicy cocktail sauce. Fried catfish. Tabasco sauce. NO. NO. I WILL NOT GIVE IN. MEAT IS OBSELETE. Just remember that. Put it on your evolutionary billboard. Meat is obselete.

So... when's dinner?

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