Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The End of an Era v.3.1

I made a bad choice in this morning's post. See if you can find it...

"... sounds a bit like my younger self. You might remember my younger self. He was last seen at Home of the Hits looking for Mahavishnu Orchestra LPs."

Mahavishnu Orchestra. And it gets less funny the more I look at it. What would've been a better choice? Right now, I'd like to replace it with "Bob Newhart LPs." I think that's in line with my idiom _ the image I've created (or rather, the seven-person content team created).

Is this what they call meta-blogging? Uh-oh. Another buzz expression. They're leaking in all over the place! I think the content team is out looking for... uh... Brecker Brothers LPs __ wait! I've figured it out!

Fusion is no longer funny.

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