Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Million Dollar Dream Rehearsals

Rattus! My "beautiful" picture of the World's Largest Paperweight ("Cloudgate" sculpture) is NON-ACCESSIBLE on this computer. Thus, I cannot post it. I finally went to Taste of Chicago _ Erika and I with friends Marie and Jason. We had a fine time. A little wine. Robinson's Ribs no. 9. No, it was no. 1, but that's what we called "sacrificing the truth for the good of the blog" at the Kranley School of the WeBLoG. I was one of 15 people trained... I'm not going to get into it. You shouldn't even know that much _ what I've already said. What you should know... "Robinson's Ribs no. 1. Come back home to meat." I came back home yesterday. Boneless. But... I went back to school today. Vegetable burritos. THE KRANLEY SCHOOL OF THE WEBLOG DOES NOT ENDORSE LIFESTYLE CHOICES OF ANY SORT, INCLUDING DIET. That's what they told me my first day of school.

I'm getting a little sick of this writing style. Aren't you? It's called, "Save it for your play, Rembrandt." I think I need to relax. Breathe. Sunday Times. Tea. Breathe again. And the old Wound Up will be back. He will be back.

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