Monday, July 10, 2006

Dog Years

Perhaps... this space... could be used for a "Goodbye to 20's" celebration. That's something my therapist might suggest, so I'm going to beat him to it. "Beating therapists to it since 2003." That's our new motto.

"Goodbye to 20's" _ the age. Yes, Woundup will turn 30 in August... not Wound up the WeBLoG, but its parent company: WoundUp Corp. 30 years of high productivity and "Beating therapists to it..." For example...

Mark: Gee whiz, doc, my dog just died...
Doc: I'm sorry to hear that. How do you feel?
Mark: I'm sad. He was a good animal. He never asked much of me... a little food, some affection... and he was loyal. That's how I'll remember him most. Laying at my feet by the fire (sniff)...
Doc: It sounds like you've been really affected by this. Why don't--
Mark: Why don't I, after an acceptable period of grief, buy a book about dogs and do some research _ that seems to fit my mindset. Do some research, then... go look for a new dog.
Doc: Well... you beat me to it.
Mark: There's only one problem, doc.
Doc: Another problem? Maybe I can help you with that.
Mark: I don't wanna buy a purebred dog... because they have a lot of genetic problems, and I don't wanna make some poor animal suffer for my own fancy.
Doc: Okay... well, why don't...
Mark: Why don't I, after an acceptable period of grief, take a trip to the local dog pound and look at some dogs.
Doc: Yes...
Mark: Thanks, doc.
Doc: You're welcome.

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