Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Good Old Days

I just ate a small bag of Snyder's of Hanover Kosher Dill potato chips. They taste a lot like the buttermilk pretzel niblets I used to eat in Syracuse. Which leads me to believe that all of Snyder's old-fashioned products taste the same _ all using this company "allspice."

The next time you're enjoying Snyder's Cape Cod Oyster Chips, remember they taste the same as the Maine Lobster Pretzel Nubs. The Amish Country Hot Mustard Nuggets are exactly like the Winesburg Ohio Vinegar Potato Skins. The Muskegon Michigan Frog Legs Chips taste an awful lot like Little Cousin Abel's Yonkers Three-story Walkup Living Room Bar Mitzvah Pretzel Stix. The Snyder's Country Fair 1912 First Automobile in Town Local Economy Changing from Agriculture to Light Industry, Primarily Textiles Potato Squares remind one of the Penn-Yann Front Porch Doughboy Wilson Honus Wagner Teapot Dome Coolidge Sinclair Lewis. Right.

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