Thursday, July 20, 2006

Subconscious Working on Better Title

Someone, in high school, told me the brain has 5 or 6 different channels of thought that run simultaneously _ some in the conscious front of the mind and some subconsciously. I may have the numbers wrong, but it's safe to assume there's more than one track of thinking. If you've ever had two songs in your head at the same time you've seen this in action. You can flip between them, like those pre-set punch buttons on old car radios. Right now I have "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" going, but I can switch to a piece of awful classical music from a movie we saw the other night.

I also experience this when I wake up at night, and my mind's still in the middle of a complicated train of thought _ grinding along like that nighttime rail line on the coast of Lake Erie. Always running...

Right now, I'm slouching down in my seat, failing to put my lower back against the provided rest. Yet... this isn't so bad, or maybe it's different than what I might write if I... yes, if I sit up straight and... keep my feet on the ground. That's not only good posture, but, according to a book I read once, stimulates your inner energy and is better for the creative process. Some famous writers wrote standing up at a lectern. Is that better still?

What I'm trying to say... is that those other tracks of thought need to start making me money. And... do I have to pay Bob Seger a royalty every time his song plays in my head?

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