Friday, July 28, 2006

Good News Friday

The long-standing feud between this site and Prisonbed.Blogspot.Com has found its way to an amicable end. Don't bother searching for Prisonbed. It isn't there _ a casualty of a 13-month debacle that featured not one, but two civil suits (Henderson v. Krapstan, et al and TrypeCor v. Sweetwater Printing Co.). Prisonbed will soon be back on blogspot, albeit with a different, undetermined name _ as per order of the 7th District Court of Appeals.

Prisonbed creator J.J. Freedkind has extended the hand of friendship to Woundup Corp. and its team of writers, its executives and its board of trustees. Freedkind, who once called, "the Blogosphere's first-year creative writing student drunk on Seagram's Silver Ice" and "a name-dropping back-porch ass-grabber with an unread copy of 'No Exit' prominently sticking out of its breast pocket" has searched his heart for forgiveness and extended its flower to us.

Woundup Corp. admits its own guilt, too, having called "the crypto-hedonist warblings of a lower-level MFA program dropout" and "the prime signifier of Gen Y literature's anal stage claptrap."

We here at Woundup accept your apology, Mr. Freedkind. It was only a coincidence that the one-room Bucktown apartment that doubled as the Prisonbed office burned down on Feb. 15, 2006 (recently proven in court). We look forward to your next batch of literary offerings, whatever they may be.

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