Friday, July 21, 2006

Sweet Baby Stanislaus

Creaking and squeaking thru This Friday. Last night... "Creaking and Squeaking" is my version of "Kicking and Sticking." And if you don't know what that last one is... "Creaking and Squeaking" _ the softer side of "Kicking and Sticking." Someone must start the "Kicking and Sticking" WeBLoG. Will it be you? I really do write faster (not necessarily better) in this "Slouched S" position. And if you don't know what that last one is...

I was a little drunk last night. I don't often get drunk like that. I like a little beer or wine here and there, get a little buzzed. It's a slippery slope. SLIPPERY SLOPE. That's the cliche warning signal. If you had been in the office you would've heard the overhead siren _ the klaxon. I toyed with. TOYED WITH. Ah, I can't use that one either, apparently. I thought about... ... I thought about BLoGGiNG while... drunk. Who hasn't done that before? But I hadn't been that drunk in a little while, especially on a Thursday night. All that writing kept me off the streets for so long. So I went on a little bender. Now the cops will be collecting me outside the St. Pietrus Ukrainian Catholic Church of Endless Oppression. Trying to "turn off the bells."

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