Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Traffic on the One's

Woundup Team News Coverage begins NOW!

1. Erika and Mark have set the date. Our wedding will be June 18, 2005, at the Open End Gallery (Damen and Fulton). We went to check it out yesterday. There's a staircase the two of us can descend dramatically. Then we will perform the ancient fertility dance. If you'd like to attend, just email me your address and we'll send you an invite: marksdonahue@gmail.com
There will be NO wedding WeBLoG... Although, on second thought...

2. No word on the court date yet. Our opposition sent a letter accusing me of not owning my own car. Ha! We've got that beat. I had the VIN number tattooed on the back of my neck. Whenever we bring it in for an oil change, they just run me under the scanner.

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