Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Keep Those CAPS Under Wraps

Well, well, well... That was the RETURN time listed on our official court filing document, whatever the hell that means. It means I have to call another number Friday to get the date of the REAL hearing. A wasted trip to Daley Center. I was almost hit by a bike messenger on the way to the office.

What would we all be doing 200 years ago? There would be no jobs for bike messangers, copy editors, fact checkers, freelance journalists, court clerks, transit cops, computer programmers, bus drivers, etc.

ABC-7's Hungry Hound is doing grilled cheese and tomato soup today. I've got a lot of chicken vesuvio leftover. Last night, we took Heather and JS to our little Italian hideaway in Melrose Park. The hot dipping cheese for their artichoke appetizer was the best I've ever had. EVER. If you're nice, I might tell you how to get there.

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