Sunday, April 03, 2005

My Brother

Please keep a prayer or kind thought of support in your heart for my little brother, Matt Donahue. He just had part of his lower intestine removed. It was infected and had been bothering him his whole young life, so it should be an improvement. I've talked to him on the phone from the hospital a couple times. He's healing up nicely and should be back in good form soon. They have to keep him a few days to make sure his digestive system returns to normal. If you've ever met Matt, you know he's my polar opposite: calm, relaxed and... relaxed. I love him more than anything. I'll post an update when he gets out.

Matt and I are in the same fantasy baseball league this year. I'm taking care of his team while he recuperates. Readers of the old diaryland site know my passion for our nation's pasttime. I love watching an entire baseball game on TV, including pre- and post-game shows. This is truly the woundup experience. Give me a call, and I'll invite you over _ not in October, but in July, when the season seems endless and the games a little lazier.

I know one person who'd take me up on this. It's my brother. Get better soon, Matt.

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