Monday, March 21, 2005

The Camera in the De Kooning

The Village of Bellwood, Ill. will unveil its hi-tech, wireless surveillance system on Wednesday. Will South Holland follow?

I know we're already being monitored in most public places in Chicago. The War on Terror (capitalized in a recent GOP Rep.'s news release) has greased the slide for the full-coverage monitor culture anticipated in George Orwell's comedy, "1984."

Feeling paranoid? Not me. In fact, I might sign up for one of those fat jobs behind the Bellwood video desk. It'll give me limitless material for my Don DeLillo knock-off novel: a lonely young man experiencing life through the disconnected, icy lens of the security camera. Tres post-moderne.

PS -- We here at Woundup will be checking out the book that alleges a CIA connection to the Abstract Expressionist school of painting. Abstract Expressionism _ perhaps the most hated artistic movement of the last 100 years. At least until WeBLoGism came along.

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