Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Definitely Not Well Liked

I think if syndicated columnist Mark Steyn stepped in front of my speeding Accord, I would seriously consider NOT stopping. But I bet once I slammed on the breaks, Steyn would berate me as a coward endemic of the Left.

Regardless, I occasionally check in with Steyn, the ultra-right mouthpiece, at his soapbox throne in the Sun-Times editorial section.

If you cut out Steyn's own hysterical paranoia, this critical assessment of Henry Miller is interesting. Miller was heavy handed. He did write clunky dialogue. He was obssessed with ex-wife, Marilyn Monroe. I don't know. You might not be able to make it through, and I wouldn't blame you.

In no way am I praising Steyn's body of work. His columns have a seething desperation that suggest he's making his last stand in a Berlin bunker. Viewed as a rabid, caged animal, he's amusing. That's why I read him.

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