Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The World of Links

Hey, hey! Thank you to the Baseballwonk crew for linking to this site. I encourage you to visit them in the dugout. As a fan, I am happy to see the flood of new, wonderful posts.

Now the bad news. Some of you _ oh, I can't even say it. It is an electronic tragedy of the first order. Prior to the formation of Woundup Corp., an advanced content team funded by some of our current investors sought to assay the attitudes of the internet youth market. This entailed writing a web diary from the point of view of an android who lived in Orland Park, Ill., with his creator. Well... our technical director forgot to update that old site with a link to our current space... and you know what happens to WeBLoGS that don't get updated, don't you? If there is a ray of sunshine in this sad, sad situation, it's that the content team saved the original posts in Word files. They will be reposted sometime in the next few months.

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