Tuesday, November 22, 2005


hey, hey, hey, hey! guess what? i am drunk! not exactly. i'm buzzed _ that's what a drunk person calls his condition when he doesn't want to admit he's drunk. it's way past my bedtime. just got back from the ol' hole in the wall. spent some quality time with mr. matt lentz _ a good chap. i've never posted under the influence before. seriously. it's a whole sub-genre of web-journaling. but not me. until now. but, frankly, my buzz is waning. i'll probably eat something, watch some PBS and go to bed. hmph. this isn't exciting at all, is it? lessee here. something to spice up... shows. i used to go to shows all the time. i don't much anymore. i suppose that's age. it's a lot of crap, if you ask me. i haven't seen anything good in a long time. maybe that's tied to age. chicago seems to be populated by superstar side-projects. a lot of bullshit, if you ask me. i think the 21 crowd needs to depose the 30 crowd _ that includes me. kick us off the throne. we're done. out of ideas. just look at this WeBLoG _ out of fucking ideas. pull my plug. finished. matt was talking about some eateries 'round midway airport. christ i'm hungry. l.h. putgrass signing off and heading for the tub.

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