Thursday, November 03, 2005

Head Games

Man... for a good time, read Freud's "Civilization and Its Discontents." I laughed out loud several times _ not at his wit, but at the sheer, crushing darkness of his worldview. I'm just starting the section on wo/man's disappointment with participating in society _ the daily curbing of her/his personal desires.

Why do I keep reading it? I do find it interesting, but I'm afraid it will send me over the cliff into despair. The days are getting shorter, and that has also affected my Behavior in the past. But hey _ why not toy with danger? I'm just expressing my Death Instinct.

Part of me thinks I can stand up to the suggestive powers of such an authoritative work _ that I can view it objectively. It's like a test. Don't get me wrong _ I don't pretend to believe I'm stronger than anyone else. I'm probably weaker. I don't know. There's always the Tribune sports section... oh wait, that's a pain-averting diversion! Dammit!!!

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