Tuesday, November 22, 2005

RE: Hilarity

What happened in here last night? I opened the door to the Woundup office an hour ago and found empty beer cans, a full ashtray and several copies of "Achtung! Busen!" scattered about. I think the 7-person content team is starting to slack for the holidays. Management must tighten the reins _ shorter breaks, cheaper coffee... and Thai Food Tuesday will be postponed till further notice.

Some of you have inquired about Woundup Corp.'s "Artist in Residence" program. Following the trend of advertising agencies and NASA, we're offering use of the 8'x 8' practice room at our facility on W. Hubbard _ aka "The Magnesium Mile." We want to work with you, the musical artist, to develop Internet-ready content for the 18-35 youth market... ... ... ... ... ... ... Yes. You can sleep in the space.

(On an unrelated note, I would like to welcome our first-time German visitors, undoubtedly clicking here re: "busen." Thank you for helping to break Wound-up.com's single-day hit total record. Guten Abend und froliche Weinachten!)

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