Saturday, November 05, 2005

Great Moments in Agitated Music

In light of the flood of 10-year-ish anniversary re-releases with bonus material, I would like to cast my vote for Six Finger Satellite's "Severe Exposure" (1995, Sub Pop) to receive the royal repackaging treatment. I would kill _ KILL _ for unreleased tracks from this album's studio sessions.

I take "Exposure" with a grain of nostalgia _ like many of these 10-year plan reissues, it first hit during my greener days at ol' State U. But its caustic nature quickly strips away any such warm feelings. It's one of the best rock 'n roll records _ ever. I'm serious. It rises above its new wave/motorik/noise trappings into the orbit of "Funhouse" _ the measure for all great rock music. I'm serious.

"Exposure" is indeed a lot like "Funhouse" _ the production is straightforward with the rhythm section very prominent. I picture it in this dark vortex _ at least in my mind _ the music is bright red like a muscle or a limb, moving, flexing in space. The Six Finger record, like "Funhouse," gets wilder, more unhinged as it progresses... till you end up with "LA Blues" (or "Board the Bus").

I encourage you to revisit this classic _ or listen for the first time. It'll keep you up at night, and keep your downstairs neighbor a step closer to that domestic disturbance call.

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