Monday, October 23, 2006

To Sir, mit Liebe

Content explosion! Friday was fun and feckless, in the words of a certain radio broadcaster, and Woundup felt wanted. I feel even more wanted today. Wanted by my loved ones, certainly, but also by that elusive group we WeBLoGGeRS chase -- strangers. Keep your fingers crossed for this commentator and perhaps you'll get some exciting news in the coming week.

No, I didn't see the first inning of the World Series, last night, but I watched the mildly exciting conclusion with Cpt. Stockton, followed by a little "Check, Please!" Speaking now as a member of the viewing public (a "stranger") upon whom the minor local celebrity of Alpana Singh has been foisted... do you enjoy, as I do, watching her get a little wine drunk over the course of a show? You know that hazy, glazy look, wine drinker. I had it myself last night while watching "Check, Please!" Here's to getting buzzed and getting paid for it by viewers like you.

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