Friday, October 20, 2006

Kirk: A Humidor in Every Glove Compartment

The election commercial circus has been swinging for weeks now. I'd like to know where they make these things, as they are all basically the same commercial with different faces. Would the same production company make commercials for two opposing candidates in the same race?

And why haven't any politicians courted Lake County resident Michael Jordan's favor? I'd pretty much vote for anyone M.J. told me to. Well, not really, but I'd like to think I would...

"Hi, I'm Michael Jordan. On May 3, 1991, I put the douchebag Detroit Pistons to shame by scoring 50 points to ice the Chicago Bulls' first championship*. This November, pull the lever for Mark Kirk. It's a slam dunk."

* May be factually inaccurate.

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Anonymous said...

Polls last week:

Mellman Group (D)
Kirk 49 +17
Seals 32

Mclaughlin Asso (R)
Kirk 57 +25
Seals 32