Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rising Action

Erika had a good day. She just got her new laptop computer, and she doesn't have to work tomorrow. This would, in the normal Woundup order of things, necessitate a visit by us, the loving couple, to The New Watering Hole (Cleo's). But alas, your host may have been struck by a bug. Longtime Woundup readers will remember other pronouncements of sickness that fizzled quickly. I'm beginning to think the ol' Cracker Factory has something to do with it. Sick Building Syndrome wasn't just a great Rhode Island hardcore band, it's a very real, very modern affliction that might be afflicting me as I write this. I think.

Enough hypochondria... please enjoy the above picture from the loving couple's last visit to The New Watering Hole (Cleo's), which occaisoned an improvisiational dance from the above-mentioned wife.

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