Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Havlicek Stole the Ball

I was sad to see Craig leave the Cracker Factory, but I don't mind hawking his free copy of Sports Illustrated. I'm fingering the SI NBA 06-07 preview at this very moment. It seems like yesterday Erika and I were watching the (sort of) dramatic conclusion of NBA 05-06 at a lakeside bar in northern Ohio.

I made a bet with Erika (also a basketball fan) that the Bulls would make it to the championship game this season. I didn't say they'd win, but that they'd just make it there. The loser of the bet will have house-cleaning honors for a month.

Think I'm crazy? The Bulls are filled with quality guards and small forwards, and have stocked up on forwards and centers, including Ben Wallace. Scott Skiles can rotate like crazy now and wear down the opposition. Who's gonna stop them? Miami? Old. Pistons? They're in decline. Cleveland? Still not enough help for LeBron. And... New Jersey? Nah... It'll be Bulls, Bulls, Bulls in June, June, June. Hopefully, we'll be watching the finish in a more desirable location.

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