Monday, October 09, 2006

People Funny Boy

Yes, I did have the day off -- as did my wife, Erika. We had a lovely lunch at Earwax; thumbed through some books at Myopic and the Brown Elephant; and tried to locate me a warm-up jacket. You know warm-up jackets, Mr./Ms. 28-to-33. They grew abundantly on the thrift store trees 10 years ago, before the resale goblins stole them away. Now it's like trying to find Ornette Coleman's "Live in Stockholm '61" in a... yes.

I borrowed a Lee Perry boxed set from pal Jonathan a year ago. Listened to it once and promptly shelved it away. Well, a year later, I've picked it up again and can't stop listening. Funny how that works. It probably means the collector will be calling soon, which is good, because Stockty owes me a six-pack for winning our fantasy baseball league.

I told my mother I'd have a new gig within two weeks. If I say it will happen, it (might) will happen. Good night.

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