Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Nibbles and Bites

Mmm... something smells good in the Cracker Factory tonight. Smells like pizza. I could go for some pizza. Erika and I recently tried the clone pie place that opened in the old Bacci space on Chicago Ave. Must say, their cheese slice is much, much better. Thanks to the Admiral for the tip.

Say, if I'm hungry in this fashion later... maybe I'll stop by the aforementioned Rod Blagojevich Pizza and grab a slice. I call it Blagojevich because there's a crude rendering of the popular "Love Is" comic on the building's side. The little, black-haired fellow depicted bears a strong resemblance to Illinois' governor.

I could even... snap a picture of the cartoon (might be dark) or those big slices under the heat lamps. Yes, every WeBLoG pretty much devolves into a photo WeBLoG. It's much easier than writing, folks!

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