Monday, September 18, 2006

Where Do We Go Now?

I hate Guns 'n Rose. I hated them in 1987, and I will hate them until we bid you adieu and head to WeBLoG reconstitution. I will not soften my nostalgic standards as the years go on. In fact, I may grow to hate them more. I hate their songs, their... hair. Terrible. That said...

Hey, beer lovers -- if you're looking for a value pick, try Okocim's Porter, an 8.5% dark beer in the northern Baltic style -- very tasty and half the price of Duvel (of similar strength). Yes, it lacks a bit of the complexity and aroma of Duvel, but you can still be the first on your block to champion this fine cold-weather brew. I know for a fact Rich's (Iowa and Western) has a pallet-full waiting for YOU.

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