Thursday, September 28, 2006


I told you it was gonna be my week. Well, maybe... it remains to be... there was another going-away party tonight. I think they're stretching this one into another evening. It felt a little brisk as I made my way, two beers in, back to the office to work -- yessir. Now, I feel... back to normal. It's not a hard gig, folks. My wife has a hard gig, but you'll have to talk to her about it.

I hope, if for only one reason, I still have the nightbeat gig on Oct. 13. That's when acclaimed playwright Davis Mamet will speak at the Washington Library at noon. Yes, the CPL got Davis Mamet, not David Mamet. Who'll show up for that one at noon? Writers, actors... the unemployed. Bryant Park movies for the unemployed debuts May 24th with "American Buffalo" by Davis Mamet..

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