Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Natural State

Whenever CEO Tom Blister shows up, well... He was here for only five minutes, but the writers' area is strewn with Marlboro Lights butts and Heineken tall-boy cans. He must've taken the sixth one with him in the car.

Drinking and bosses, a match made in WeBLoG VaLHaLLa. Erika's last boss had a serious drinking problem. We found him passed out in his stretch pick-up with the engine running after the company Xmas party. Good thing he didn't make it onto Division Street USA.

Chicago got a taste of Old Man Winter today, or maybe it was his depressive nephew, Middle-Aged Autumn. There was a mist of rain when I left the compound at 1:45 -- the perfect compliment to a gray, 50-degree day. I truly believe this is Chicago's natural state: cold and slate-colored.

The city is tending toward rest after the workout it had this summer. Take it easy, Chicago. Turn out the lights, turn on McNeil-Lehrer and have yourself a beer.

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