Wednesday, September 13, 2006

From the Desk of W. Woundup

Hello, Woundup Watchers. There's been a scent or two of good news, but I don't want to jinx it. I'll tell you if anything concrete solidifies. You like that? That's called uh...

Another rainy one here in Chicago. The autumn joined us last week. Well, I think of the autumn as warm and sunny. This is... fall: cold and rainy. You don't get those dry, beautiful, mellow upstate New York autumns here. Put on a sweater, go look at some leaves, drink the apple cider, come home and watch the Bills. Hey, I don't mind. We need the rain, too. Or, more appropriately, a soybean concern in Marengo, Ill., needs the rain.

My fantasy baseball team made it to the playoffs, after posting the second-best reg. season record in the league. Wish me luck as I try to scrape out a win this week and advance to our "World Series."

Rats. My supply of Coca Cola has dried up. I'll actually need to go out into this nasty soup after all. Embrace the new season. So, let's embrace.

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