Thursday, September 07, 2006

L8 9TS

Those New York boys are wearing me out! I've had a blast with T 'n T the last two nights, including an unexpected visit to Danny's soul night. I'd never been. Saw a dude I've been riding the 56 Bus with for nearly three years (at least until recently). Our gazes met _ a little strange to see me in the real world, eh? Well... SURPRISE.

Feeling a bit crispy, in the words of an old classmate of mine at State U. I turned those fellows loose in Hyde Park. They were going to work their way north to Lincoln Square while trying to shoot a new episode of "Perfect Strangers." Check out Ted's photo WeBLoG for his camera work.

The Long March. Mexican casserole again? Not a problem. My stomach has calmed since... after Danny's I had a char-cheddar dog with mustard and hot peppers. Even in my beery state, I nearly gagged while watching the guy spoon on the room-temperature cheese. Mmm... my stomach was subsequently unhappy and answered in kind.

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