Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Today Is My Birthday

I am 30 years old today. It's weird to write that out. I've had some anxiety the past week _ Will things be much different? Am I old now? What the heck should do about my day job? But now... I don't know, I'm feeling a little better about it. A little better. We had a party for Erika last night with some good friends. As I was lying down to sleep around 11:15, a Chicago cop walked in. Our neighbor called them because of the noise. How 'bout that?

If anyone has some advice for a newly turned 30, just leave me a comment. Otherwise, it's great to be here writing for you and great to be here in general. I'll keep the posts coming as usual.

1 comment:

the crafty veteran said...

try listening to john fogerty's "centerfield" --you can't help but to be in a great mood after only a few notes!

...although it might also cause you to run over to Wrigley and get arrested while trying to get on the field...