Monday, August 28, 2006

My Pong

Ahhh... cooler weather is the elixir of peace woundup has sought this long week. I s'pose it was my long time above the Arctic Circle (Erie, Pa., also known as the 33rd Parallel) that bred cold weather comfort into my RNA. As I sit here sipping this fine $4 wine, I think to myself... I think to myself...

My brother and his lady friend left us around 5 p.m. The visit seemed too short, but we had fun anyway, subjecting them to endless varieties of state and city traffic. Went to the Shedd Aquarium for the first time in a long one. Many of the same water fauna from my childhood are still there: the electric eel, the sea turtle, the wolf fish.

Where's the daily dose of alienation effect? Epic WeBLoG. Supertext. Projections. Spare set and props. I don't work for free, folks. Now accepting donations.

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