Friday, August 04, 2006

Digs, Sets, Spikes

Enough already! I won't be going "Tubin'" all the time on this site. The temptation is great _ the temptation not to write, but to appear like I keep things up-to-date. Is that a criticism of others? No. No. Many others do it well. I'm just suspicious of convergence.

One day you'll be able to plug in your... well, let's leave that to the imagination what you'll be able to plug into. Or, you can take a pill _ a WeBLoG pill. I would volunteer this site to be a beta tester for pill WeBLoGs. You must take Woundup after meals. It bonds to natural lipids in foods and (warning) will stay in the fatty deposits of your ass and legs (and in your hair) for up to three years.

It's still a lot better than that Ozzie Guillen for President pill. Spontaneous diarrhea? No thanks. I'll just read the thing.

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