Monday, August 28, 2006

Don't Worry!

Hello, everybody... yes, don't worry about Woundup. It's been a few days, certainly. Last week was very stressful. I just found out I was being switched to a night shift, while Erika is starting an 8-3 job this week. You can imagine I'm not happy about that. My birthday was a little stressful, too, but I think I'm getting used to things in the new decade. It may take me a little longer, tho. Needless to say, Woundup is looking for a new cracker factory shift because of the new, draconian schedule. Please wish me luck as I hope to synch up my life with my wife. This is what they call a "life challenge," right? I will be a better, stronger person on the other side of it. I believe it, tho it's a little hard to grasp at this point. Seems like a long, uphill push at the moment.

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