Friday, August 18, 2006

30 Seconds Over Netcong

How does a Woundup post come together? Well, sometimes I come up with a topic, sometimes it's an image, or, in this case, I come up with the title first.

I've never been to Netcong, N.J., but countless Greyhound bus trips to NYC peaked my interest, as it gets double-billing with the Big Apple on many I-80 road signs. I've had my share of bus trips _ I can hang withthose bad-smelling hardcore kids, for sure. Too bad I never wrote a zine. The title above would look good in xeroxed black 'n white.

Speaking of which... have you seen this? Buffalo needs its young people. You've had a nice 5-15 years away from us, but now you must return. I'm not a native Buffalonian, but I claim it as my spiritual hometown. What does it have to offer? Long, silent winter nights; downtown streets empty after 9 p.m.; chicken wings; Canadian beer; Lake Erie; the feeling that something, somehow will/must turn around... and lots of bowling. God bless Western New York. God bless the Buffalo International Airport. And God bless Transit Road.

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