Monday, February 06, 2006

Green Bay _ Cue

Just got back from Green Bay. Revelatory notes? Well, to whet your whistle, I let my mother read the latest draft of my play. She criticized it so unabashedly that I threw the thing against the front door, scattering the many, unnumbered pages in every direction. A true story.

That's adequately shocking. Getting a little attention for myself. Before those histrionics, we had a lovely Thai meal and, prior to that, a drink a local brewpub. My brother, Terry, seems to be holding up OK without any pals and finds solace in 9/11 conspiracy theories. I honestly hadn't thought of any till we talked.

I feel like I'm throwing my family under the bus _ using some select peculiarities as grist for my merciless WeBLoG mill... for laffs. I'd rather see them everyday _ more material! Ha! Seriously... I love my family.

Erika found some DFW book on tape. DFW sounds like he has OCD. Cue. I can tell because I have it myself. Cue. It does make me feel like a big shot to talk like this. Cue. This interview is over...

LH Putgrass signing off and heading for the tub.

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