Monday, October 17, 2005

Woundup v. City Spirit, et al

Chicago is over-saturated with BASEBALL news. What did Ruben Bolling say? You can go 10 years without a non-sports-related thought about CHICAGO.

Yes, it was only a matter of time before I put the flashing "NaySayer" light on the hood of my car and hit the gas. Nobody likes a good backlash more than the 7-person content team here at Woundup.

That said, I'm ecstatic Sam Smith's "Inside the NBA" column has returned to its weekly rotation in the Tribune. Let's put the pastoral leftovers of the summer game to rest and embrace basketball _ and the indoor life, in general. I'm a big proponent of the indoor life.

Why do I like Sam Smith? He has fun _ especially when he's hypothesizing trades. He throws out at least one trade idea each week so ridiculous it makes sense _ like today's Kevin Garnett for Dirk Nowitzki straight-up swap. Why not?

There's hope in trades _ change, new beginnings, etc. Who doesn't love that stuff? The 05-06 NBA season is a blank sheet of possibility, so sit down, turn off the lights and CATCH IT.

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