Wednesday, October 26, 2005

We Never Should Have Taken Out Willoughby

Mike Golic, one half of ESPN radio's morning drive-time squawk team, has no choice now but to talk about the White Sox. Golic, in my opinion, is a Chicago naysayer, but the capricious nature of his show makes him follow the hottest story and__viola!__he is now a Chi-town cheerleader. Screw you, Golic.

As a Chicago resident, I'm supposed to have an opinion on this phenomenon _ the World Series. I am happy for White Sox fans. They can feel the hot breath of the title on their faces. But, I am a Cubs fan, and I am kicking myself that those bastards BLEW IT IN 2003. WHY DIDN'T DUSTY GO OUT TO THE MOUND TO CALM DOWN PRIOR IN GAME 6? WHERE WAS MATT CLEMENT IN GAME 7? WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING, DUSTY???

The Cubs are the kind of team _ unlike, say, the Yankees or Braves _ that get to the playoffs once a decade. So now we have to watch Mark Prior and Carlos Zambrano waste away their careers playing on sub-.500 teams. And maybe they can be the competent, but declining veterans on the next Cubs squad to get mangled in the fanged jaws of the postseason.


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