Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I've dedicated my life to snuffing out corporo-speak _ at least in those places I have some power over. I, for example, don't use this plastic jargon around the house or on the bus ride to work (though try as I might, I cannot prevent my fellow riders from venerating the B2B Portal on their handheld compu-screens).

As I slash a path through the dense growth of double-speak, I promise to spare one leaden term _ Facility. I like Facility, as in: "We boast a 2500 square foot facility in Camden, N.J. for processing peer-to-client orders." I don't know why _ maybe it rings faintly with the sound of home: "I cordially invite you to our 200 square foot facility for the processing of tofu lasagna and $5 red wine."

On that day, when I find Facility hiding in some lexical thicket, I'll trap him in a cage and set it on the back porch so I can admire his dull, gray feathers while I take my morning tea.

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