Thursday, February 24, 2005

Preening Before the Mirror

It's looking more and more like we'll be representing ourselves in the March 23 lawsuit showdown. With a little legal advice, I feel confident we can kick that mechanic in the shins and get our $$$ back.

Usually, here at Woundup, I would dramatize the situation with a little off-the-cuff dialogue (say, of me questioning a witness on the stand). NOT TODAY. I'm feeling ill, so just rent "Bananas" and fast forward to the last half hour. That's what our court date will be like.

As a part-Pole, I'll be sad when the big guy (the Pope) passes away. He looks pretty close to it today. Chances are they'll give the job to some Vatican City insider. How 'bout an Irish pope? An Ecuadorian one? Are the Lapps Catholic?

Hey, that's funny: One-in-10 Catholic Lapps are lapsed Catholics.
Good night.

1 comment:

madeline said...

Nothing can compete with pope humor. You're adorable. Next time you should talk about his failed writing career maybe it'll make other failures feel better.