Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Pulled from the Jaws of Memory


I went to Andrean High School in Gary, Indiana (South Gary... or the nice part) for my first two years of high school. It's a Catholic school with a lot of rich kids, and was the scene of some of my awkwardest moments at age 14-15.

Unlike the lackadaisical Williamsville (N.Y.) South High School class of 1994, with whom I actually graduated, Andrean '94 built it's own class reunion website. On a whim, I put my old pal Phil Wielgus, who I haven't seen since 1992, into the Google machine. And from there I found the AHS site.

Turns out they had a reunion at a yuppie bar here in Chicago last year, just two days before my birthday.

I'm looking over the class list and these names... Unfortunately ol' Phil (perhaps wisely) didn't give any info and probably didn't show up for the reunion. I wouldn't fault him there. But another school chum of mine is now THE LEAD SINGER FOR A FAITH NO MORE TRIBUTE BAND.

It definitely wasn't the happiest time in my life, but looking at these names I am awash in a warm nostalgia. I wonder if they'd even remember me.

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