Thursday, February 10, 2005

Canon Shots

That bit of dialogue came from Joe Orton's "Up Against It" _ the screenplay he wrote for the Beatles in 1967 (that was rejected by Brian Epstein).

Erika is undoubtedly sick of my raving about Orton. If I could be 1/10 the writer he was, I'd die happy. And if I ran America's public schools, I would substitute ONE Arthur Miller play in good ol' English 3R (New York State system) for Orton's "Loot" and/or "What the Butler Saw."

Granted, he was English, which may not jibe with educators hung up on representing "American Voices, " but I would make them submit to my will. How 'bout a little Mamet or Shepard, speaking of Americans?

How does a book or play enter the mainstream educational canon? Can you campaign for it like sportswriters campaign for potential Hall of Famers? Get a grass roots buzz going? More questions to ponder on lunch break.

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